OCTOBER 26, 2015 By: Erin


Start Small

When we first got Leia and started traveling with her, she didn’t handle long drives well at all! Anything more than an hour or so, and she would get car sick. And we definitely learned the hard way. After that, we tried to keep her car rides relatively short at first to get her used to travel. Now, two years later, she loves the car and never gets sick!

Proper Identification

When you’re traveling and taking your dog outside their normal environment, there’s a higher than usual chance of them running off. Always make sure you have proper identification on your dog’s collar, as well as their microchip, in case something happens.


When you’re traveling, it’s extra important that your dog gets plenty of water! Make sure to give them water as soon as you arrive at your destination. If it’s a longer drive, stop along the way to give them some water, as well as a chance to go outside.

Bring Favorite Toys

One of the most important parts about traveling with your pet is making sure they’re comfortable! One thing that is sure to make Leia comfortable is having her favorite toys nearby. Leia loves stuffed animals, so we always bring one of those. She also loves to play fetch, so we make sure to bring a tennis ball. Sometimes she doesn’t even use them because she’s so excited playing with all the new people around, but they can definitely calm her down if she’s feeling stressed.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Traveling and being in a place different than home messes with Leia’s eating schedule a lot. First of all, she normally doesn’t have specific meal times. Her food is always there and she grazes when she’s hungry. As far as dogs go, she doesn’t eat a whole lot. When we’re staying somewhere else, she eats normal food even less. It throws her off to not have food available whenever she wants it, and the excitement of a new environment mostly causes her to forget about food.

For that reason, we make sure to pack healthy snacks! This way, we can make sure Leia is getting delicious snacks (that are actually healthy!) and getting some food in her stomach.

Enter Purina Beyond Snacks. We pick up a bag at Target whenever we’ll be hitting the road (meaning basically every weekend). These babies are life-savers when we’re traveling with Leia! First of all, she loves them. We get the White Meat Chicken Cutlets Natural Dog Snacks and she seriously goes crazy over them! But what’s even better is that they’re actually good for her. Unlike so many of the treats you can buy for dogs, these are healthy and natural.

When we’re buying Leia’s dog food, we make sure to buy something that has meat as the #1 ingredient and isn’t loaded with filler ingredients. Why would we do any different with her treats? Purina Beyond Snacks, made in the USA, are totally free of grain, corn, wheat, and soy. They also have real chicken as the #1 ingredient instead of poultry by-product meal, which is probably why Leia is so obsessed with them! And since they’re natural, they aren’t full of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Leia might be a dog, but she’s a huge part of mine and Dave’s life. She’s member #3 of our family, and we can’t imagine taking our road trips without her! Making sure she is safe, happy, and healthy is my priority, and Purina Beyond Snacks allow me to do that!

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